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MegaChef Portable 1400W Single Induction Cooktop With Digital Control Panel

The Megachef Portable Single Hob Induction Cooktop is specifically designed for ease of use. This unit is 100% portable and can be placed wherever there is an outlet, which renders it ideal for camping, barbecues, or special occasions.
Additionally, this appliance is a safer and more efficient alternative to traditional cooking methods. The induction technology greatly reduces the risks of burning and fire associated with gas or electric cooktops, and is highly energy-efficient. Furthermore, because it uses electromagnetic fields to create heat, the induction cooktop heats up faster than its counterparts, making it an all-around must-have!

The induction cooktop requires induction compatible cookware to operate.

**The magnetic fields generated during operation may lead to adverse effects. Pacemakers, or other similar implanted devices may be affected.

Item Weight: 5.65 lbs

Item Dimensions: 14.00l x 11.00w x 2.50h

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